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Why piling?

Piling is used when ground conditions or access issues determine it is not practicable to excavate for traditional foundations, or for the repair and replacement of existing foundations or footings that have failed.

Soil, clay, tree roots and access issues around the home all these factors influence what foundations must be laid to ensure the correct building load.

Because we drill deeper, local influences in the upper stratum do not affect piling work. The equipment that we use also ensures we can work in practically any environment - limited headroom or restricted access (1m wide min). Using piling for your home means:

  • Minimum fuss
  • Minimum spoil
  • Less environmental impact

We offer a complete range of piling and groundwork services for our domestic customers as well as a comprehensive design service to ensure we work with you every step of the way.

Choose Southern Piling

We offer the highest standards of workmanship and cost-effective applications with a friendly and professional team. From building new extensions with limited access to drilling for boreholes to ensure a well-loved garden is kept watered during the long hosepipe-bans, working with us ensures your piling is safe and hassle-free. We're with you from start to finish.

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